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The Steelheader

Virtual FlyShop:   Chat room

Come CHAT with other Fishermen/women of the WORLD on the IRC!
We meet online every Saturday at 6 PM Pacific time.

      1.  Go to IRC and choose "other host"
      2.  Then use "US.Undernet.Org" as a host
      3.  Go to IRC and choose "other host"
      4.  Then use "US.Undernet.Org" as a host
      5.  Then use setting "port 6667"
      6.  Then click on"connect"
      7.  It will say join, type in "#fishinhole" and you are in

Listed below is a current list of Undernet servers.
If the US.Undernet.Org fails...the IP Address is also listed.
All servers run on port 6667, 7000 and 7777.
Use 6667 as your first choice for setting.

  • Ann-Arbor.MI.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Austin.TX.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Chicago.IL.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Davis.CA.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Davis-Local.CA.US.Undernet.Org:5000 with IP number:
  • Manhattan.KS.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Norman.OK.US.undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Phoenix.AZ.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Pittsburgh.PA.US.undernet.Org with IP number:
  • SanJose.CA.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Washington.DC.US.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Canada Montreal.QU.CA.Undernet.Org with IP number:
  • Auckland.NZ.Undernet.Org with IP number:

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